About Us

Our organisation is named after the rumoured co-founder of ancient Greek rhetoric – Corax of Syracuse – who is said to have helped structure judicial speeches and establish basic principles of rhetoric designed specifically for the court of law.

Corax Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation based in the Hague, Netherlands, that supports the development and growth of young professionals and fosters collaboration opportunities between academia, public and private sectors, inter alia, by creating networking opportunities for and between institutions, companies, scholars and professionals.

Our projects

Corax Foundation organises 2 global debate competitions, one of which has been organised by our team since 2015 (several years before formally establishing Corax Foundation).

Another of our core projects is the unique bilingual (English-French) platform that is being created by our team in the form of The Hague International. Comprising a mix of talented individuals in our editorial team and various forms of media, this platform provides the opportunity to publish academic articles and commentaries of emerging and topical developments in law and policymaking for both established professionals and the still up-and-coming talented individuals.


Aurélien Lorange

Aurélien is Senior Lecturer in the International and European Law Programme of the International and EU Law Programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, Internship and Alumni Coordinator and Founder-Organizer of the Employment Network Events, one of the largest networking conference and study-job fair for law studies in Europe and The Hague Inter-University Law Debate Tournament and the Concours Inter-Universitaire de Debat de La Haye, two debate competition between universities of the world hosted in The Hague, the Netherlands. Prior to his start as a lecturer in 2010 in THUAS where he teaches EU Energy Law, Internet Law, Law & Economics and as of 2021 also Animal Law, Aurélien worked at the European Commission (Taxation) and the European Parliament (MEP Assistant) and the IT multinational company SAS as a lobbyist. He is a member of the external relations team of THUAS (networking for internship possibilities, maintaining the alumni network, helping on the networking with partner and future partner universities).

Anna Maria is the Founder – Organiser of the unique global law debate competition for law students since 2015 – The Hague Inter-University Law Debate Tournament. She co-created the debate format, rulebooks, and grading criteria. In 2021, she became the Founder-Organiser of the Concours Inter-Universitaire de Debat de La Haye and Creator of The Hague International (Law Review) publishing platform. In her professional background, Anna Maria has experience with a Slovak law firm, with a specific focus on European law and the Commercial sector with a specialisation in Cybersecurity and Data protection. Currently, in parallel to her work in the foundation, she works in commercial insurance and as a project consultant for NGO and initiatives with positive local social impact.

Anna Maria Urbanova