During the competition, several days prior to the match, the software randomly assigned a curated debate statement following the theme of the round to 2 matched teams. Debate positions will be determined just before the start of the match.

The competition consists of several themes (ie 1 theme = 1 round of debate matches), whereas every match will be on a different debate statement.

Group Phase – Day 1

The contemporary social challenges shaping our modern society.

Group Phase – Day 2

 The fight against the environmental emergency in a capitalist society. 

Group Phase – Day 3

The exercise of political powers in democratic societies.

Elimination Phase – 1/8 Finals

The conflict between personal freedom and public health reignited by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Elimination Phase – 1/4 Finals

The search for an economic recovery in a fragile context.


The game of international relations: between sovereignty and cooperation.


The Regulatory challenge stemming from the development of new technologies.

Opening Ceremony THIULDT2022

Below you will a selection from some of the past themes of The Hague Inter-University Law Debate Tournament (6 past editions), each with an example of one debate statement.

Theme: Internet and Law

What is illegal to say offline, must be illegal to say online” (from the President of the European Commission Mrs Von der Leyen).

Theme: Amazonia

Europe must support Brazil and the protection of Amazonia using International Law

Theme: Citizens’ rights

Every Constitution must be limited only to the rights of the citizens.

Theme: Democracy

Participative democracy (like Switzerland and its referenda) is the future model of democracy around the world.

Theme: Medical Use of Drugs

Medical cannabis must be legalised by state authorities.

Theme: Animal Law

The use of animals for entertainment purposes must be banned.

Theme: Natural Areas

Economic exploitation of protected natural areas should be prohibited.

Theme: Public Order

Online control of information is serving the need for public order.

Theme: Positive Discrimination

Men and Women must be equally represented in the public sector, specifically in the senior public service.

Theme: State Sovereignty

The right for a state to intervene in the internal affairs of another state must be allowed in cases of human rights issues.

Theme: Freedom of Press

The freedom of the press is compatible with respect for privacy.

Theme: Law and Society

The law follows the evolution of society and does not make it evolve

Theme: Solidarity

During the pandemic, football players must accept a reduction of their salaries.