The Hague International is an innovative international (law) journal and publishing platform established in The Hague, Netherlands by the Corax Foundation. The platform is developed and run by an enthusiastic team of professionals and law students. The publishing platform aims to support and enrich the professional discussion regarding, primarily, International and European Law and to highlight up-and-coming new areas of International Law (commercial or otherwise) and global policy developments. 

Readers can expect a regularly updated website (with posts on a variety of International Law related subjects), quarterly thematic digital publications, and an annual curated bilingual print journal.

Covered themes & subject areas

Our team aims to deliver high-quality contributions and to promote discussions on current, innovative and traditional topics concerning all fields of law. The Hague International will highlight developments in various fields of law (e.g. Fintech) following changes in the international market. Our authors also thematically focus on subjects related to international trade, International Public and International Private Law, Competition Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Compliance and International Criminal Law. 

Our team

The Hague International’s staff comprises professionals and students that make a balanced team of senior, junior and guest editors. Each of which is responsible for coordinating and contributing content in their particular specialisation. Every quarter The Hague International opens a thematic submission call, giving a publishing opportunity to both established professionals as well as up-and-coming young talents. The Hague International also has a year-round open call for authors to contribute to the platform, and whilst we cannot guarantee that every submission will be published, every author will have a chance. 

Our form 

The Hague International comprises publications in digital and print form, the former distributed on a quarterly basis, the latter on an annual basis. Furthermore, The Hague International website offers an option to subscribe to weekly blogs with International Law related news, case notes, opinion pieces and analyses of current topics.

If you are interested in submitting your work for publication you can reach our editorial team via this form or by sending an email to submissions@thehagueinternational.blog