COP27 – The Tipping Point, That Missed The Point

As we balance on the scale of the climate crisis, COP27 was an opportunity for the world to tip away from climate catastrophe. However, as Countries and Organisations focused elsewhere on more pressing matters - the urgency of the crisis was overlooked. The article dives into the key criticisms of last year's Conference while also analysing the progress made (or not) from COP26. Lastly, the article will look at lessons to take away as the world begins preparations for COP28, taking place in the United Arab Emirates this year.

Space law or the lack thereof

On October 4th, 1957, the first satellite was successfully launched into space. Sputnik 1, launched by the former Soviet Union (now the Russian Federation), ran for 21 consecutive days until it ran out of battery.[1] The satellite burnt while re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.[2] There are currently a total of 7500 active satellites and more than 15000 … Continue reading Space law or the lack thereof

Addressing Article 6 of the Paris Climate Accord

Derrick Chow, 'The Leftist’s Case Against The Carbon Tax' <; accessed 23 October 2021. The Paris Climate Accord is an international treaty that aims at regulating climate change and at the same time provides for an international law framework designed to prevent global warming. Governments of the Signatory Parties meet annually to discuss their plans … Continue reading Addressing Article 6 of the Paris Climate Accord