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The winds do not carry them home – the praxis of neglect and the plight of the Climate Refugees

By: Chandril Chattopadhyay [1]& Satyaki Paul [2] “Shifting house during floods or river erosion is hard but losing your land is a completely different experience, it is indescribable pain”[3] -Kestiar Char, Sariakandi, India Environmentalist, Mr. Lester R. Brown introduced the term “Environmental Refugees” in 1923 which was later adapted as “Environmental Migrants”. According to him, … Continue reading The winds do not carry them home – the praxis of neglect and the plight of the Climate Refugees

Ode to solidarity

The 9th May is celebrated by the European Union like a national day, as it would have officially been if the European Constitution Treaty were successful.[1] The date commemorates the speech held on the same day in 1950 by Robert Schuman, now often designated as one of the founding fathers of the EU. Regarded as … Continue reading Ode to solidarity

Learn more about Corax Foundation

Corax Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation based in The Hague, The Netherlands focusing on supporting law and international relations students; as well as on connecting individuals, companies and organisations across the globe to promote mutual collaboration and growth.

Our goal

Our goal is to facilitate connections for young as well as established talents, whilst promoting the interaction between individuals, companies and organisations from varying sectors and regions.

Our projects

Our projects centre around networking opportunities and the growth of skills and knowledge. We provide virtual skills workshops and lectures, whilst also creating a unique platform that promotes an innovative approach to academic discussion and publishing on policies and legislation.

The three primary projects of Corax Foundation are:

  • The Hague Inter-University Law Debate Tournament (English speaking competition)
  • Concours Inter-Universitaire de Debat de La Haye (Competition en Francais)
  • The Hague International & The Hague International Law Review

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