Debate competitions THIULDT 2023 and Concours 2023 are currently in progress.

We wish all the participants all the best in the 2023 editions!

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*Please refer to the individual rulebooks of the competitions for further details on registration deadlines and the registration process.

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Registration is now open for Young Authors Conference 2023. For more information please see here: https://coraxfoundation.com/2023-young-authors-conference/

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COP27 – The Tipping Point, That Missed The Point

As we balance on the scale of the climate crisis, COP27 was an opportunity for the world to tip away from climate catastrophe. However, as Countries and Organisations focused elsewhere on more pressing matters – the urgency of the crisis was overlooked. The article dives into the key criticisms of last year’s Conference while also…

The conflict in Ukraine: an overview of the cooperative network deployed to investigate alleged crimes

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many atrocities are alleged to have been committed, including war crimes and crimes against humanity.[1] The consequent investigations led by the General Prosecutor of Ukraine prove to be challenging given the special nature of the crimes at stake. The fact-finding process for large-scale violations represents a…

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Corax Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation based in The Hague, The Netherlands focusing on supporting law and international relations students; as well as on connecting individuals, companies and organisations across the globe to promote mutual collaboration and growth.

Our goal

Our goal is to facilitate connections for young as well as established talents, whilst promoting the interaction between individuals, companies and organisations from varying sectors and regions.

Our projects

Our projects centre around networking opportunities and the growth of skills and knowledge. We provide virtual skills workshops and lectures, whilst also creating a unique platform that promotes an innovative approach to academic discussion and publishing on policies and legislation.

The three primary projects of Corax Foundation are:

  • The Hague Inter-University Law Debate Tournament (English-speaking competition)
  • Concours Inter-Universitaire de Debat de La Haye (Competition en Francais)
  • The Hague International & The Hague International Law Review

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